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Divorce — Your Only Option?

You have alternatives ... Our team may be able to guide you.

You are smart, right? You fell in love with your spouse for sound reasons, right? Your family and friends support the start of your marriage and many are surprised you two are separating, right? Well, maybe you should hit the pause button on the idea of divorce; perhaps it is not too late.

Iwanyshyn & Associates's systematic approach to family law is proactive on your behalf and on behalf of those close and important to you. We take measured steps to try to prevent the premature closing of doors and options, and try to capture a comprehensive, 360-degree review of your situation. While not the majority, some clients have achieved new emotional balance, reconciled with spouses and restored family following our leadership and guidance. These successes are a result of careful listening and seeking to understand, creation of safe and appropriate boundaries, restoration of trust through full disclosure and transparency, counseling, therapy and safety, as well as confidential support.

So, are you sure you want to end your Marriage?

There are many “modern statistics’ about divorce that may not be as factual or true as commonly believed; and they are worth investigation as you make decisions about divorce and its impact upon yourself and your loved ones.

Current things “known and proven about divorce’ include:

  1. 50% of marriages end in divorce.
    1. This was based on a prediction from more than a generation ago: what is the real number? See “The Truth About Divorce Statistics’
  2. The Divorce Rate is the same for all people of all faiths.
    1. Does practicing your faith matter to your marriage?
  3. In most marriages, one or both spouses are unhappy, so it is easy to see why divorce is common.
    1. Current, peer reviewed, scholastic research indicates that only 3% of marriage are considered by spouses to be “not too happy’
    2. How many are “Very Happy’ or “Pretty Happy’, the number may surprise you. See Pastor Scott Stevens from Northway Christian Community talk about the true statistics on this topic. Also see the statistics about couples who remarry each other again after divorce.

If you are engaged and working with us on a prenuptial agreement, are in a strained relationship and working with us on a postnuptial agreement or you are not certain that Divorce is your only option, we encourage you to attend “Marriage Matters’. Marriage Matters is a multi-week course held in the evenings at Northway Christian Community designed to assist married couples in understanding their partners' needs as well as in communicating their feelings to each other in a non-threatening, kind and gentle manner. Pastor John Syes created the Marriage Matters concept, and is expanding the program to singles and divorcees, teens and for the workplace. Pastor Darren Bowers facilitates each Marriage Matters program with great enthusiasm.

Whether married for years or newly engaged, Marriage Matters provides hope for growth, tools for growth and an environment for growth. Using biblical principles and a practical look into relationships, Marriage Matters offers live teaching in a group setting followed by a time of interactive and engaging small group discussion. Additionally, we recommend reading, “Boundaries in Marriage’, By John Townsend and Henry Cloud if you are not sure that divorce is your only option.

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