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Emotions & Spirituality in Divorce

Did you know that people going through divorce have far more car accidents and are more forgetful? Did you know that people going through divorce can feel the full range of emotions (pain, bitterness, confusion, betrayal, sense of loss, low energy) all at the same time, and it affects your judgment?

Did you know that people going through divorce frequently report having dramatically lower energy levels than normal, including loss of appetite, tendency to change eating and sleeping habits?

Did you know that people going through divorce often report feeling out of control, loss of inner stability, confused and frustrated, and this can lead to depression and isolation?

Since most divorces have some, if not significant conflict, people need law firms such as Iwanyshyn & Associates that provide leadership to de-stress the situation, clear away the verbal clutter and noise. We provide our clients with a programmatic approach to the legal process to achieve optimized settlements, while guiding them to heal and grow as a person. People need cooperative lawyers to help them achieve fair settlements without having to go to battle which results in bitterness that sometimes never dissipates. Through cooperation and proactive engagement, we prevent you from having to go to court whenever and wherever possible.

Children need counseling through and beyond the divorce process, as well. Children may not immediately show signs of confusion, anger, bitterness or guilt, but they usually feel all the same emotions as their parents, they are just too immature to verbalize it in a recognizable manner. They need assurance of personal, physical, emotional and spiritual safety. Through effective counseling and therapy, they can have a safe space to vent their anger and frustration, as well as to work through their feelings, especially if they falsely believe they caused or contributed to the divorce. Effective counseling and therapy can ensure the children do no act out now or at a later time in their lives.

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When you consider the situation, it is no surprise that divorce takes so much emotional energy and focus. Divorce is traumatic no matter how long or how short a time that you have been married. Aside from the financial aspects of creating two separate estates where formerly there was one, there are very serious emotional consequences for all parties involved; especially for the children. Your mind and spirit are torn apart whether you are the party asking for the divorce (plaintiff) or the one being forced into a divorce that you do not want (defendant). Regardless of which party you are, it can have highly negative and potentially devastating effects on your health and emotions and spiritual center. Regardless of your age, if you are the child, you can feel victimized and helpless. In addition to a solid legal team of lawyers and support staff, people going through divorce need counselors or therapists and caring friends/family members to provide emotional and spiritual support; as well as financial support in some cases.

Iwanyshyn & Associates, located in the North Hills, prides itself on having connections with all the right professionals to help you get through your divorce with a minimal amount of angst. Psychologists, psychiatrists, tax experts, financial planners, pastors and support groups are all part of the care you will get when you come to the firm, in addition to more than 30 years of family law experience. We have been trained as mediators, as well as collaborative lawyers. We can be tough litigators if necessary but never encourage that path.