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We are affecting a paradigm shift so that lawyers and their clients cooperate with each other to achieve fair and equitable settlements with the least amount of judicial intervention.

Divorce can be an extremely complex and stressful situation. There are a myriad of financial and emotional issues that come into play and the broad-reaching implications that a divorce may have on your life and the lives of your children can be difficult for anyone to cope with. You need a lawyer that knows more than just the law. You need a lawyer that also understands your financial needs and can help support your emotional well-being.

Iwanyshyn & Associates is more than just a highly-experienced family law firm. We serve the Allegheny County/Western Pennsylvania region by combining our powerful knowledge of family law, our unique in-house accounting and appraisal expertise, and the mediation and counseling support that together offers an effective approach for your unique legal situation.

We strongly encourage restoration and reconciliation in marriage whenever possible.

Law firm addressing all manner of family law, specializing in high net worth situations and forensic investigations for family and closely-held businesses. We are dedicated to restoring sanity to the divorce process through alternative dispute resolution when possible. Custody is about children and their emotional well-being. Our expertise in mediation and the collaborative divorce processes focus on solutions rather than conflict: and are based on a shared commitment to minimize emotional and financial damage, respect the needs of each individual, and create a foundation for effective co-parenting.

We are attempting to affect a paradigm shift so that lawyers and their clients cooperate with each other to achieve fair and equitable settlements with the least amount of judicial intervention. Many experts in both the legal field and the judicial branch feel that the Family Law system is broken and needs to be revamped. Efforts have been made in the area of custody in that most courts require parties to go to educational seminars and to mediate. Collaborative law requires the parties to meet with each other as well as their lawyers to divide assets and determine support. However this practice is not a requirement and many people think they have no choice but to go the litigation route. At Iwanyshyn & Associates we want to change the way that people view the divorce process.

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Iwanyshyn & Associates prides itself on handling your case in a way that respects the entire family and achieves your optimal outcome. Divorce is traumatic no matter how long or how short a time that you have been married. Aside from the financial aspects there are very serious emotional consequences for all parties. Did you know that people going through divorce have far more car accidents and are more forgetful? You mind and spirit are torn apart whether you are the party asking for the divorce or the one being forced into a divorce that you don’t want. If you are the child of a divorce or in a divorce, you feel victimized and helpless.

People going through divorce need counselors and support in addition to lawyers. They need cooperative lawyers to help them achieve fair settlements without going into battle which results in bitterness that sometimes never dissipates. Children need counseling as well so that they have a safe space to vent their anger and frustration and to work through their feelings so that they don’t act out at a later time. We meet clients in our North Hills offices and meeting clients downtown.

We pride ourselves on having connections with the right professionals to help you decide if divorce is in fact right for you. If you do make this decision, we and these other professionals strive to support clients through your divorce with a minimal amount of angst, the shortest time reasonable and in the most affordable manner practical.

Psychologists, psychiatrists, tax experts, financial planners, pastors and support groups are all part of the care you will get when you retain our firm, in addition to more than 30 years of family law experience. We have been trained as mediators, as well as collaborative lawyers. We can be tough litigators if necessary but never encourage that path.

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