A Personalized Approach to Divorce and Family Law issues in Pennsylvania

As a family law attorney, a Certified Public Accountant (CPA, license inactive) and a former Senior Member of the American Society of Appraisers specializing in business valuation, Deborah Luteran Iwanyshyn has a strong background in the legal and financial aspects of divorce and family law issues. Ms. Iwanyshyn has also experienced the process of divorce firsthand after 17 years of marriage and has personally dealt with the complex emotional issues that can surround matters such as child support and child custody.

Ms. Iwanyshyn uses her personal and professional background to help clients who are facing similar situations. She has worked with counselors, therapists and support groups to find clients comfort and emotional support. She has also trained in the Gestalt method of psychology, which looks at the human mind and human behavior as a whole. We take all of our cases personally and hope that in addition to a legal resolution that fits their needs, our clients can also leave our office with greater strength and peace of mind.

Deb, as she is widely known, has an extensive professional profile.

She is also active in local charities and musical organizations, and enjoys an active sports life.

As Chief Satisfaction Officer, JB Barentine provides financial analysis, client care, case project management and C-Level Executive Expertise, professional interface and negotiation expertise to support clients through the legal process.