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Proven Expertise For High Net Worth Divorce Cases. We Protect the Business Owner’s Confidentiality.
Powerful Advocate for Child Custody Issues
Family Law and Financial Expertise All Under One Roof
We Show You If and What Alimony is Needed

Financial Expertise Joins Family Law

“We win for you: keeping your hard-earned estate in tact; finding hidden assets, preparing you to be on your own.”

We begin by seeking understanding: What do you seek? What don’t you know? What are your options? What are the obstacles to be overcome? To achieve your optimal outcome, we blend strong client care and counseling solutions with the best legal advocacy and representation. Finding hidden assets can be your best friend when developing your new future.

Forensic Accounting performed by your lawyer and former CPA, with dedicated and knowledgeable support staff, coupled with Lifestyle Analysis (which looks at future scenarios) ensures you reach a fair settlement, and keeps you out of court. We investigate tax consequences of various settlement options to give you your best choices. For family and closely-held businesses, we ensure it is properly valued, not too high or too low, to allow equitable settlement to be created. We have a broad range of successfully implemented and creative solutions for your case.

  • Protect your estate and rights
  • Achieve a fresh start through a solid marital settlement agreement
  • Prepare intelligent asset distribution along with child and spousal support
  • Aspire for a secure financial future using prenuptial and postnuptial agreements
  • Is Divorce Your Only Option? Maybe not...

Deborah and her team offer accounting investigation, financial analysis, future projections and experienced legal and litigation representation all in-house. For business owners, we can minimize your costs by protecting you from harassment by opposing counsel and providing only the documents needed by their expert. We protect you with stringent Confidentiality Agreements limiting access to your financial records to select experts.

We care about divorcing families and fairness. The fact that we avoid the emotional and financial costs of trials by achieving settlements in virtually every case shows it.

Let Deborah Iwanyshyn and her team successfully help you earn a fair settlement, with the assurance that you know the facts and the numbers. Call or Email us Today. »

Iwanyshyn & Associates was founded more than 30 years ago by Deborah Luteran Iwanyshyn. With 10 years of accounting experience and as a former CPA (license inactive), plus a former Senior Member of American Society of Appraisers specializing in business valuation, Attorney Iwanyshyn represents clients in divorce, child custody, spouse and child support, alimony and alimony pendente lite, equitable distribution and more. “Our firm takes all cases as personally as you do and strives to achieve optimal resolutions for each client and their families.” Says Deborah. She and her team utilize extensive family law experience, accounting, business valuation and program management expertise.