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What is in The Best Interest of Your Child?

We have advanced training and experience in child custody issues.

Our Pittsburgh divorce attorneys have advanced training and experience in resolving issues of child custody. The director and founder of our Pennsylvania family law firm, Attorney Deborah Iwanyshyn, practiced as a child custody mediator for the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas. She has served as a participating member of the Western Pennsylvania Mediation Counsel and has come to know many of the custody mediators as well as the parental reunification counselors in the system.

With more than 100 hours of mediation training and study in both family dynamics and child development needs, our law firm offers the kind of valuable insight into custody litigation that truly takes to heart the best interests of your children. You can trust in our experience and sensitivity to help determine the appropriate primary, partial, shared, sole or joint custody plan that is right for you.

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Attorney Iwanyshyn possesses certification from the successful completion of a two-year program for professionals at the Gestalt Institute of New England. She has also personally experienced the devastation of divorce. When her 17-year marriage ended, she was left to raise two children on her own, one of whom struggles with Type 1 diabetes. Both are adults and she has a four-year old granddaughter but she still remembers the troubling times and hopes to help people avoid that pain.

We have seen firsthand the impact that divorce and child custody battles can have on children, their self-esteem and their ability to face the future. We want the time you spend with us to pave the way for the productive, successful life that awaits after this troubling time.

There are many forms of parenting and co-parenting plans; they are not all equal. Your personal emotional balance and spiritual well-being may have an impact on your ability to receive and maintain custody of your precious children. Ex-spouses can be difficult, and there are clever techniques to help you cope. You may need to put the needs of your child before those of resolving conflict with your ex-spouse.

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Our years of dealing with divorcing couples and operating in Pennsylvania courts have taught us how to handle the many factors that arise in custody cases including preferences in the Court. In attentively representing your interests, we take into consideration the strengths of existing relationships, the physical and mental well-being of the principals and the preferences of the child or children involved, if warranted.

We want to do whatever we can, from legal and emotional standpoints, to avoid a contentious divorce atmosphere. Our primary goal is a custody settlement that you can look back on with pride and execute to the best of your abilities as a loving parent.

This is why we stress on creating an atmosphere of cooperation and negotiation, first and foremost. Whether our work together results in a shared parenting agreement or some other customized plan amenable to all parties, the responsible decision-making we emphasize can result in a united front for parents and well-adjusted children with bright family futures.

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