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Valuing and Planning your Estate

Assets in private, family and closely-held businesses can create a legacy

Creating a division of Marital Assets can be highly emotional and explosive if left to those who do not understand finance, accounting and business principles: this is where the experts at Iwanyshyn & Associates excel.

We work hard to educate you and to provide you the latest accurate information regarding important factors such as:

  1. Your New Budget
  2. Social Security benefits
  3. Health insurance (COBRA)
  4. QDRO to divide retirement plans
  5. QDRO to divide 401(k), 403(b)
  6. Valuation and division of deferred compensation
  7. Business ownership
  8. Tax impacts of Loans to shareholders
  9. Stock & Restrictive Stock plans and stock options
  10. Retirement incentives
  11. Golden Parachutes and Golden Handshakes
  12. Business appraisals

You need a firm that can help you plan ahead: plan for such things as powers of attorney, last wills, living wills, health and long-term care. We offer you guidance on how to create and understand you financial goals, your financial responsibilities as well as your baseline needs.

You want a guide to navigate the legal, financial and emotional process; this is what we do.

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You have responsibilities: big ones! Clients with a large estate and a high net worth have responsibilities to protect, cultivate and use-well the assets accumulated no matter what the source or “who did the work”. We guide you as to new beneficiaries, who to inherit what, and how to make these major decision with an eye to your future and those of your children. You may ask: What documents do I need and want? How to I provide for my children in university and beyond? Do I have access to equity in life insurance policies? Annuities? Other forms of wealth? Are there things I can and need to do for tax-deferred savings? What about for my aging parents? What about for my significant other, yet who is not my spouse?

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