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Are you a Grandparent Caring For your Grandchild?

What are Grandparent’s Rights in Pennsylvania?

At Iwanyshyn & Associates, a family law firm in suburban Pittsburgh, we believe that the contribution of loving grandparents to the American family is one that should be recognized. We want fairness extended to grandparents whose roles within troubled families increase due to situations such as separation, divorce, death or addiction.

The disruption of traditional relationships often compels Pennsylvania courts to determine child custody and noncustodial visitation opportunities. Our dedication to the cause of grandparents' rights in these cases is a long-standing one. Grandparents who have long enjoyed a special connection with their grandchildren should not be left out due to a settlement agreement or court order affecting others. They must also be recognized as the primary caregiver in situations involving one parent’s addiction and the other parent’s irresponsibility and immaturity.

When you as a grandparent face the necessity of legal action to retain your access to a grandchild, or if you are aware that a grandchild is caught in the middle of this kind of dispute, contact our law offices immediately. For more than 30 years, we have been of service to grandparents' rights clients in the Greater Pittsburgh area. We can be of valuable service to you too./p>

As a new client of Iwanyshyn & Associates, you can trust in our wealth of experience to speak for your interests in family court. The founding attorney of this firm, Deborah Luteran Iwanyshyn, never loses sight of the fact that your access to precious loved ones is at stake in a child custody dispute.

We summon the best of our legal knowledge regarding grandparents' rights to apply in issues regarding physical and legal custody as well as child support. In the course of representing you, we are sensitive to your emotional needs and consistently available for your questions and concerns. You need all the help you can get, legal and otherwise, with the successful adjustment to your new role in a child's life.

Because our hearts go out to grandparents who also serve as loving, attentive caregivers, we welcome every opportunity to represent your rights in custody, visitation and child support matters. When parents become estranged, separated or divorced, or when parents encounter problems with the law, and you rise to the occasion as substitute parents, your hard-earned rights to child visitation and child custody deserve to be aggressively protected.

We use our legal skills and belief in upholding grandparents' rights to address medical and educational consent laws, custodian and stand-by guardianship laws, and respite care. You can depend on the breadth of our knowledge and personal commitment to your plight to get results for you. We take your case personally, as we do for everyone we come in contact with at Iwanyshyn & Associates.

We look forward to taking your call, fax or e-mail message scheduling your initial consultation with the experienced grandparents' rights attorneys at Iwanyshyn & Associates in Allison Park and downtown Pittsburgh. In important matters like these and related issues such as partial custody, divorce and separation, we have been helping Greater Pittsburgh and Allegheny County residents for more than 30 years.