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Bringing it all together... We pride ourselves on our negotiating skills where financial stakes are high and tensions can rise. We have Western Pennsylvania traditions and ethic of hard work ethic. Our Family Law Firm eagerly endeavors to create the kind of settlement you and your children can enjoy.

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Pittsburgh’s Premier Divorce Attorney

When the difficulties of your high net worth divorce litigation threaten to become too much, contact us.

When the stress of the custody situation seems overwhelming, contact us.

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Achieving a solution for you and your family is our goal: that is why we are always first promoting the exploration of viable alternatives such as reconciliation, mediation or collaborative divorce.

We have aggressively safeguarded your interests while being dedicated towards reaching resolutions agreeable to all. Our firm’s Executive Staff knows firsthand what a drain on finances and emotions divorce litigation can be. We are determined to ensure that you and your family do not meet the same fate.

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Collaborative Divorce - when couples want to stay out of a long, bitter and expensive trial, collaborative divorce is a relatively new approach that can help them work towards an amicable solution and avoid litigation.

See why your credit report and score are important in divorce. Read more here.

Families in the Greater Pittsburgh region have for more than 30 years received the optimal blend of service and affordability when turning to the offices of Iwanyshyn & Associates — Contact Us Today.

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