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Fair, Equitable Resolution without Drama

Iwanyshyn & Associates prides itself on handling cases in a way that respects the entire family. Divorce is traumatic no matter how long or how short a time that you have been married. Aside from the financial aspects, there are very serious emotional consequences for all parties. Did you know that people going through a divorce have far more car accidents and are more forgetful? Your mind and spirit are torn apart whether you are the party asking for the divorce or the one being forced into a divorce that you don’t want. If you are the child you feel victimized and helpless.

People going through divorce need counselors and support in addition to lawyers. They need cooperative lawyers to help them achieve fair settlements without going into battle which results in bitterness that sometimes never dissipates. Children need counseling as well so that they have a safe space to vent their anger and frustration and to work through their feelings so that they don’t act out at a later time.

Iwanyshyn & Associates, located in the North Hills, prides itself on having connections with all the right professionals to help you get through your divorce with a minimal amount of angst. Psychologists, psychiatrists, tax experts, financial planners, pastors, and support groups are all part of the care you will get when you come to the firm, in addition to more than 30 years of family law experience. We have been trained as mediators, as well as collaborative lawyers. We can be tough litigators if necessary but never encourage that path.

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We are attempting to affect a paradigm shift so that lawyers and their clients cooperate with each other to achieve fair and equitable settlements with the least amount of judicial intervention. Many experts in both the legal field and the judicial branch feel that the Family Law system is broken and needs to be revamped. Efforts have been made to effectuate change in the area of custody in that most courts now require parties to go to educational seminars and to mediate. Collaborative law means the parties meet with each other and their lawyers together to divide assets and determine support. However, agreeing to collaborate is not a requirement and many people think they have no choice but to go the litigation route. At Iwanyshyn & Associates, we want to change the way that people view the divorce process.

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Serving Those Throughout Western Pennsylvania

We take pride in the success that we have brought to our clients. With offices located in both Beaver Township and Allison Park, Pennsylvania, we have helped clients throughout the area, including Pittsburgh, Wexford, Beaver, Gibsonia, and the counties of Allegheny, Butler, Beaver, Washington, Fayette, Westmoreland, & Armstrong.


Paperless and Tech Savvy.

Iwanyshyn & Associates is dedicated to the effective and efficient practice of law. This starts by embodying the American Bar Association’s Model Rule for Professional Responsibility Rule 1.1 regarding Competence; specifically “A lawyer shall provide competent representation to a client. Competent representation requires legal knowledge, skill, thoroughness, and preparation reasonably necessary for the representation.” Implicit in this model rule is the knowledge and application of current technologies, including client communications, safe storage, and retention of client files, digital signatures (when appropriate). We constantly search for software tools, techniques, and practices to improve our effectiveness and efficiency. Increasing efficiency and effectiveness has a direct and positive impact on our clients by reducing the time to complete cases, which saves clients money, time, and frustration. Give us a call to discuss your needs