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Forensic Accounting Attorneys in Allison Park, Wexford, and Cranberry, Pennsylvania

Knowing Both the Big Picture & the Fine Print in Our Financial Portfolio

Deborah says: “We help to find the most probable places where personal expenses are buried and assets are hidden, which gives the clients of Iwanyshyn & Associates the assurance that they are going to get a fair shake.”

Summarizing, Deborah offers, “Yes my CPA license is inactive but who cares. It's my experience that I'm looking to provide to you so as to represent you in the most positive fashion possible.”

We understand tax returns — what is in them and what is not. We understand where and how individuals and small businesses choose to hide personal expenses on the books, which can be discovered through forensic accounting that looks at specific accounts. Says Deborah, “My experience is invaluable to my family law clients, especially related to developing a thorough understanding of a marital estate, and creating a fair argument for equitable distribution of assets for matters of divorce.”

Things we investigate for private, family, and closely-held businesses include:

  • Unreasonably low owner salary levels

  • Shareholder loans that sit on the books without plans for repayment

  • Automobile and meal write-offs

  • Personal expenses reported as a business write-off

  • Inventory and petty cash abuses

  • Purchases and changes in a business environment that “suddenly drove the business broke”

  • Sudden increases in cost-of-goods-sold and supplies

  • New lines of credit or new bank accounts

  • Delays in income, compensation, accounts receivable payments until after settlement

  • Fraudulent debt write-off

  • Unreported cash transactions

If you need financial advice

For matters of prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, Custody, and Child support, Iwanyshyn & Associates has exceptional experience and expertise to bring to bear throughout Western Pennsylvania, including Pittsburgh, Wexford, Cranberry, Gibsonia, and the counties of Allegheny, Butler, Beaver, Washington, Fayette, Westmoreland, & Armstrong.

Deborah says, “In family law, which we practice at Iwanyshyn & Associates, forensic accounting is best described as follows:"

  • Careful and detailed investigation of tax preparation and “working paper” documents and tax returns;

  • Review and inquiry of business financial statements (not just tax returns) for financial hoodwinkers, otherwise known as fraud, and corroborate financial information to the maximal extent;

  • Uncovering of hidden assets and income streams, as well as unknown debts;

  • Compilation of marital and non-marital liabilities and assets to know the big picture and the fine print;

  • Discovery of previously undisclosed services with and through banks and credit unions, including off-shore accounts;

  • Discovery of extra-marital relationships, personal expenses accounted as business write-offs which should be considered marital for support purposes;

  • We search for and find inconsistencies, and force reconciliation;

  • Determine cash flow and create notional budgets for the real income of the marital estate as well as for your future situation;

  • Create variations of tax scenarios for estate planning, settlement, and support purposes.

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