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CPA Expertise


Our executive staff brings years of “C-level” leadership, business acumen, and managerial expertise evaluating financial statements such as P&L and Operating Accounts. We offer support in creating and validating detailed budgets for future planning as you make life transitions and plan for the financial future of your children.

We offer client-facing leadership for you as you make decisions and major life transitions; providing detailed management of your timeline, anticipating and resolving challenges before they become problems. Through the use of project management principles, we keep you appropriately apprised and informed in an affordable and timely manner.

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Deborah Iwanyshyn was a Certified Public Accountant for two international CPA firms (license inactive) and was the "Chief Accountant to the Allegheny County Controller's Office" with 30 people on staff. She is also a certified business appraiser and has testified in court regarding the valuation of businesses. She is a former member of the Board of the Pittsburgh Chapter of the American Society of Appraisers, an organization that offers extensive experience in all fields of valuation including business, fine arts, real estate, jewelry, collectibles, and personal property.

For business evaluators, one of the valued treatises often used is Dr. Shannon Pratt’s book — "Valuing Small Businesses and Professional Practices". Deborah Iwanyshyn worked with Dr. Pratt on this book and contributed to reviewing a section of the book.

When your legal expert also has the knowledge and expertise of a Certified Public Accountant and Business Appraiser, the complex world of family law suddenly becomes that much easier. At Iwanyshyn & Associates, we know that financial issues comprise many of today's biggest family law hurdles. So we provide CPA experience, business valuation, asset, and income identification, forensic accounting, analysis of 401(k)s and pensions — and so much more — in order to help you understand your options and determine the best possible solution for your situation.

Because our financial expertise is in-house, we can provide answers to you without the time and disconnects you might experience when third-party experts are involved. We can provide preliminary estimates of value, perform the forensic accounting necessary to determine true income for support and alimony and determine whether you need to hire a qualified expert to act as your witness at trial, thus saving you time and money dealing with a third party expert before you need one.