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Our Mission is to provide the Best Legal Counsel to our clients: optimizing clients’ costs with the expected outcome, and reducing stress to our clients through client care, counseling solutions, detailed project management, and of course legal excellence. Iwanyshyn & Associates takes your case as personally as you do!

We blend client care & counseling solutions, with extensive experience in Family Law and Business Valuation to offer you the best advocacy and representation that achieves your optimal outcome. We offer Project Management and Financial expertise, plus Forensic Accounting, by a former CPA, to provide you the best advocacy and guidance during all phases of your Family Law matter.

With more than 30 years of legal experience in the area of Family Law here in the Pittsburgh Region, we ensure that your settlements are fair for you and your children. Throughout the stressful and confusing phases of support, custody, and divorce, we offer best-in-class financial analytics, compassion, and empathy, as well as focused resolution.

Our goal is first to determine if divorce is your only option. If you are uncertain, we guide you to proper channels to determine if reconciliation is possible. We have experienced cases where the parties were divorcing because they didn’t know what else to do. Through individual encouragement and frank discussions with both parties, combined with experienced marriage counseling services, we enabled them to get back on track.

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If divorce is the option you choose, or your spouse chooses for you, we strive to obtain the best possible settlement the law and the courts allow. Employing cooperation, trenchant communications, and relationship building, we work with, not against, opposing counsel to try to keep your case from going to court. Court is highly emotional and expensive, and a positive outcome can never be guaranteed.

Our experience is that the best settlements are those arrived at through negotiation and not through litigation. However, we can and shall be legally aggressive when necessary. We never take that first step, however, as your advocate. In our judgment, there is no case that cannot be settled if the parties are interested in a settlement. We ensure that all parties understand the financials, that you make clear-headed decisions not sacrificing long-term matters for short-term gains or to “just make the pain go away.”