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There are many excellent support groups in our area for those considering, going through or having survived the divorce process. Among them are a few which we can encourage you to investigate for yourself. These include DivorceCare and Catholic Divorce Ministry. Such groups focus on understanding who you are and are not, what and why you are feeling as you do, what is the truth about your situation and what may not be truthful. These groups offer resources to help you discover why and how to regenerate yourself, as well as what are the consequences of your decisions now. They also can help you create better relationships with others as you move to a new phase of life.

Options - There Are Many

Completing a divorce or reconciling a marriage is not a linear, straightforward activity; you shall face unforeseen complications, changes in circumstances and behaviors which you would never have imagined. So you need help, guidance, and advocacy to reach whatever is to be your next stage in life. We direct parties to therapists and counselors to assist and guide you as you proceed through these challenging processes. We can direct you to appropriate co-parenting counselors to help you solve parenting difficulties by making appropriate decisions for the children’s best opportunities.

Speaking with others who are in similar situations to yours or were so, can be cathartic. We encourage you to enroll in safe, longstanding support groups during the process to be with others going through similar situations.

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“One of the key factors that are identified by social research as to whether a marriage succeeds or fails is whether a couple has a sense of hope or a sense of futility.”

If you are not certain that Divorce is your only option, we encourage you to attend Marriage Matters, a multi-week course held in the evenings designed to assist married couples in communicating their feelings to each other in a non-threatening, kind, and gentle manner. Whether married for years or newly engaged, Marriage Matters provides hope for growth, tools for growth, and an environment for growth. Using biblical principles and a practical look into relationships, Marriage Matters offers live teaching in a group setting followed by a time of interactive and engaging small group discussion.

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