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Our Difference

We are business valuation and forensic accounting experts. We don't need to hire outside help to determine equitable distribution (which can add cost and complexity to your case).

We strive to be excellent listeners. We seek to hear first: from you, your spouse, the opposing attorney, the vocational expert, the Court, your medical specialist. We know that through hearing comes understanding and wisdom. Our goal is to provide you with an honest view of your situation, which could range from “you should not get divorced!”, to “Your settlement goals are unrealistic”, to “Let’s get you to a safe place & fast!”, to “We must complete your divorce NOW!”

We understand mediation/ counseling and the role it can play in leading to a successful outcome. At Iwanyshyn & Associates, our lawyers and executive staff are here to represent you in your marriage dissolution or other family law matter, including custody, support, equitable distribution, legal separation and annulment, and more. Regardless of the issue, we give our clients the same level of personal attention and dedicated legal service and are committed to finding successful resolutions that achieve their goals.

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We listen intently to discover the nuance, to discern the inaudible, to detect the unspoken — we seek to hear you and what you want.

Only Iwanyshyn & Associates brings all of the necessary expertise together under one roof to come up with creative solutions and help navigate you to a successful outcome.

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