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What does an inactive CPA license mean? In the United States, Certified Public Accountant or CPA is a statutory title of a qualified accountant who has passed the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination, has met additional state education requirements, has completed service and experience requirements for membership in the respective professional accounting body(ies) and for certification as a CPA.

Alimony Pendente Lite

Standard Pennsylvania Practice for Alimony Pendente Lite. What are the guiding claims in Pennsylvania for alimony pendente lite? Find out here, along with a helpful case study example. Summary of Pennsylvania Jurisprudence for Alimony Pendente Lite. What are the factors that help determine whether a petitioner for alimony pendente lite is at a financial disadvantage? Learn the specifics and read two unique sample situations. Summary of Pennsylvania Jurisprudence for Alimony Pendente Lite: Spousal Support. Learn the definition of "alimony pendente lite" (or "APL") and how it applies to spousal support in Pennsylvania.


Kids Want Parents to Know. This article from the American Bar Association offers the dos and don'ts of shared custody arrangements and communicating consistently about divorce with your kids. Child Development Theory Can Help with Residence and Visitation Arrangements. By gaining a deeper understanding of your child's thinking and development at various ages, you can work with your lawyer to provide a custody arrangement that will truly be in the best interest of the child.

Choosing an Attorney

Real Stories of Family Lawyer Scams. Deborah L. Iwanyshyn shares three tales of real cases where family lawyers have scammed the clients who trusted them. Check out these amazing stories, and learn what you can do to protect yourself from predatory legal assistance. Spending a Lot of Time in Hearings? Trials can be more expensive than settlements, and if your attorney is spending too much time in the courtroom you may not be getting good value for your money. Deborah Luteran Iwanyshyn outlines her approach to getting her clients a fair deal.


All Parenting Plans Are Not Equal. This helpful article explains the child's ability to understand custody issues, based on child development research, and helps parents develop custody plans that best serve the child. Custody and Depression. How does a parent's divorce-related depression affect that parent's chances of obtaining custody? What can you do if you are experiencing depression during marriage or divorce? Joint Custody Empowerment. Discover clever coping techniques to help when dealing with a difficult ex-spouse become a more effective, empowering task. This article, written by Deborah Luteran Iwanyshyn examines the roots of many negative custody interactions, offering advice and a new perspective. Parental Tug-of-War In this article, author Deborah Luteran Iwanyshyn explains the importance of putting your children's needs above interpersonal conflict with your ex-spouse. Parents interested in helping with smoothing the transition for their children in this difficult time shouldn't miss this information.

Child Support

Income for Support Chart PDF. Epilepsy Considered Serious Medical Condition To Warrant Ruling That Father Should Continue to Pay Child Support for 19 Year Old College Student. Sperm Donor Not Obligated to Pay Child Support

Closely-Held Businesses

Reviewing a Business Appraisal Report. When you're a part owner in a closely-held business, how can you be sure of its worth during divorce proceedings? This document helps you understand what to look for in a business appraisal.


Marital Cybertort: The Limits of Privacy in the Family Computer. In today's increasingly online world, do you know where the line is legally drawn for your personal privacy? Find out your rights.

Dispute Resolution

Appendix C: Handbook for Clients. This American Bar Association handout is an orientation to the divorce process, the dispute-resolution options available to clients, and the new dispute-resolution option, "Collaborative Law."

Divorce & Your Money

Engagement Ring As Marital Property. Engagement rings are considered to be conditional gifts that vest upon the marriage of both parties. See Lindh v. Surman, 742 A.2d 643 (Pa. 1999) (holding that conveyance occurs only after the marriage).

Avoid Nasty Surprises: Check Your Credit File. A simple credit check is an easy way for individuals involved in separation or divorce get their arms around their finances, and how this can potentially impact decisions. This credit check is available to consumers once a year and is free! Find out how to get yours.

Custody Should Be Considered A "Stink" Word. For divorcing families, "custody" is what Isolina Ricci, Ph.D., in her book "Mom's House, Dad's House, Making Two Homes for Your Child," Simon & Schuster, 2nd Edition, 1997, calls a "stink" word. Custody implies possession.

Divorcing? How to Hire and Control Your Attorney. When you hire a divorce attorney, you have a right to ask questions, make requests, and have actions taken on your behalf that you support. Visit this article written by Deborah Luteran Iwanyshyn to find helpful advice on how you can make the most of your client-attorney relationship, and empower yourself to ensure the process follows your own best interest.

House... Pensions... Debts...Find out how to determine what joint assets must be sold or divided due to a divorce. You may be surprised to discover you have more options than you think.

Rights to Privacy and Protection of Your Records

Options for Withdrawing Money from a Defined Contribution Plan under a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO)Learn the effects of direct (trustee to trustee) transfers and eligible rollovers, and the IRS penalties for taking early distributions, so you and your divorcing spouse can make the best decisions for your respective financial situations.

Tips for Dealing With Lawyers. How can you make the most of your relationship with your divorce lawyer? This list helps you set expectations, understand do's and don'ts, and help put yourself in control of your future, with a qualified lawyer on your side.

What Every Woman Should Know About Divorce "I thought that once we got to court I'd get my fair share." "I never knew that moving out to get away from an awful home situation would cost me my home."

The Art of the No-Drama Divorce. How do you reduce the drama of your divorce? Iwanyshyn & Associates discusses some ways to make it an easier, more equitable process for all parties in this insightful article.

Domestic Violence

The cycle of Violence. Do you know the warning signs for domestic violence? What ways can it affect children in an abusive home? What are the various ways a partner might assert power and control over another? How do you know if you're really a victim of domestic abuse? Find out through these eye-opening charts and checklists.

Men's Family Law Attorney

What is a "Men's Family Law Attorney?" Advice to Men Going Through Divorce

Post-Divorce Healthcare

Navigating Your Health Benefits. This concise booklet, explains how to choose, track and manage health benefits in an easy-to-understand fashion. Pre-Divorce Planning to Protect Your Post-Divorce Options. Health issues can arise at any given moment, and it is important to plan ahead - especially if you are 50 years of age or older. Find how what you need to know now, before your divorce is finalized, to ensure your health care and medical information is protected later.