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Personal Touch

Having felt the sting of painful divorces, the staff of Iwanyshyn & Associates has walked in similar shoes to yours... Attorney Iwanyshyn survived a protracted and painful divorce while starting her new career in family law, raising two young children as a single mom; one of the children having just been diagnosed with a serious and chronic medical condition that required special, on-going attention.

After becoming a lawyer and choosing to focus her practice in the family law area she became trained as a child custody mediator and mediated for the Generations Program in Allegheny County and was a member of the board of the Western Pennsylvania Mediation Council where she came to personally know many of the custody mediators and master.

Attorney Iwanyshyn uses her personal and professional background to help clients who are facing similar situations. She has worked with counselors, therapists, and support groups to find clients comfort and emotional support. She has also trained in the Gestalt method of psychology, which looks at the human mind and human behavior as a whole. We take all of our cases personally and hope that in addition to a legal resolution that fits their needs, our clients can also leave our office with greater strength and peace of mind.

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All of this training and all of these experiences make us absolutely unique as a family law firm that shall fight for your rights and those of your children. We ensure that you get every penny that is fair and to which you are entitled. We know how to work with the financially independent spouse to formulate a reasonable and fair settlement with the least amount of litigation. We always seek to identify assets and income expeditiously so as to settle cases in the least amount of time. Because of these life challenges, Iwanyshyn & Associates has developed a heart for people and a systematic approach to meeting the needs of each client at your point of need:

  • Mediation

  • Collaborative Divorce Advocacy

  • Cooperative, out-of-court Representation

  • Bare-Knuckles Litigation

Call us to tell us if you are interested in any of these, and how we can be of service to you.