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Divorce On The Internet

Fair, Equitable Resolution without Drama

We approach each divorce case by encouraging the fair and equitable resolution of all financial, support and custody issues. It is essential that you be provided with every piece of information that you can use so you are completely knowledgeable when it comes to assets, liabilities and incomes (actual or computed) of all parties concerned. Having this information is the best way for you to fully understand your situation and make truly informed decisions on every aspect of the dissolution of your marriage.

Obtaining full knowledge of assets, however, sometimes requires more than just asking your spouse, or his or her legal representative, especially when significant assets or a closely held business or partnership is involved. In divorce, an investigative process called forensic accounting might be necessary to reveal concealed assets or value.

Most law firms need to involve a separate expert regarding financial matters. However, at Iwanyshyn & Associates, we are different. We are able to complete all forensic accounting in-house. This means we have more control over finding the information we need to best serve you, which can save you money in the long run. Issues of business valuation however, are referred to a very experienced and knowledgeable expert witness who can testify on your behalf.