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Jenny Tabora

Sr. Paralegal

Jenny is our Sr. Paralegal at Iwanyshyn and Associates. She is originally from Naples, Florida, and has worked in the legal field since 2017. Her journey began from a deeply personal place – navigating her own challenges of domestic violence and divorce, which ignited her desire to assist others facing similar hardships. Motivated by empathy and a commitment to help others, in 2021, she graduated with honors from Hodges University, all while balancing the demands of full-time work and single parenthood. While her experience spans various legal domains, her heart lies in family law. Jenny thrives in empathizing with clients, utilizing her deep understanding of the law to assist in their unique situations. She is here to support, advocate, and empower individuals through their legal journeys.

Outside of work, Jenny enjoys spending time with her family and volunteering in her community.