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Vocational Evaluation

What are you worth in today’s economy?

So, who or what is a Vocational Evaluation? and who or what performs it?

A Vocational Evaluation is the result of a rigorous process, completed by a trained and knowledgeable professional that describes what are a person’s skills, talents, experiences, capacities, and capabilities, and how these attributes may be used in the marketplace — vocation — and to what level this person could be compensated.

Another way to say this is the evaluation identifies what “tools are in your tool bag”, compares them to what is desired in today’s economy — employment marketplace — and makes a recommendation about what income a person could achieve or command in various jobs. This evaluation, of course, assumes the person under evaluation were to vigorously pursue such jobs.

Who performs or completes Vocational Evaluations?

These evaluations are performed by Vocational Professionals and Experts. These experts seek to understand a person’s abilities, interests, education, experience, and other qualifications and evaluate them with the job market within a certain geography or region. Additionally, these experts assess the possibility a person can get a job, and what said person could expect to earn, not only in the short-term (i.e. initial job) yet in the long term as a career.

Often, a vocational expert completes an honest inquiry, based on the facts of the matter, and makes an informed evaluation and recommendation. These can include:

  • What can my husband/wife reasonably be expected to earn?

  • If her business's revenue has been reduced, why and when and under what conditions can it return or even grow beyond what we have become accustomed to?

  • Is his income likely to recover? If so, when?

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In matters of divorce where one spouse is not working, evaluations from a vocational expert are usually desired and may be required by the Court for consideration in determining spousal and child support payments. If you’re in the process of divorce, or even if you’re just thinking you may be headed down that path, there are four reasons why you should invest in the services of a vocational expert:

  • You want a dispassionate and objective assessment of your spouse’s earning capability as an offense against lethargy;

  • You want an updated and honest assessment of your own employment and earning potential as a defense against over-inflation;

  • You need an alternative appraisal to your spouse’s assertions or expert testimony

  • You want help understanding and evaluating your employment and earning capacities after your change in the situation