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Deborah is the best lawyer in this world. she is the best because she help me get my son back from my wicked aunt., who let me sign an adoption paper without reading it. [i trusted her] my visa was expired and I needed to come back to Belgium to renew it. After I came back to the States to get my son back, she took me to court. It was a very tough case. But thank God I met this lawyer who helped me get him back. Their fees are also moderate and affordable that everybody can afford it. Thanks, Iwanyshyn & associates.


Very professional and amazing woman. In my case I had been sent away couldn't see my daughter. She helped me get back to Pennsylvania so I could see my daughter and get visitations with her.


Competent, supportive, provided good advice; Deb and JB were both calming influences during a stressful situation. Helped to reduce costs where possible. Handled everything professionally. Highly recommended.


Deb is a great lawyer. Passionate to work for justice. She achieved what I hired her for and did it with a compassionate heart.


Deborah is an incredible attorney. She really cared about me and my case. She is very professional and fought hard for me. She is the only attorney I have recommended to my friends who have needed help.


Deb represented me in my divorce and child support proceedings. During this difficult time, Deb prepared and explained all the proceedings in a thorough and understandable way. By the end of our discussions, I knew exactly what to expect. She broke down all parts of the process for me; guiding me through the many issues covered in my settlement agreement. I was very emotional at this time and Deb helped me put the emotion aside and stay on task. Deb and her staff were very accessible and sympathetic.

Having been through the same thing, she knew what I was feeling and going through. Having Deb at my side during my child support hearings made an extremely difficult experience tolerable. Deb's many years of experience was very evident during the hearings. I am grateful Deb was recommended to me and I highly recommend her to anyone needing a divorce or family law attorney.


I had been through the legal and custody aspects of a divorce already and did not expect to find myself fighting with my ex-wife so that I could maintain the stability that my daughter had become accustomed to after my ex and I had finalized out divorce 4 years ago. Unfortunately, that is exactly what I found.

As a father, I always felt that the system was not designed and/or did not take into account the very important role that I, as a father, wanted and needed to play in my daughter's life. I was scared and nervous about entering into a court system that I felt was stacked against my right as a father and wasn't sure if I could even win the fight for my daughter's stability. Debbie Iwanyshyn and Associates gave me the confidence and support to fight for what my daughter needed.

They were there to support me emotionally when I was unconfident and were always able to explain to me what my rights were and that I did have a say in how my daughter was raised. I did not expect to have to fight for mine and my daughters' rights and stability after my divorce was finalized, but when I did, Iwanyshyn and Associates were the ones who guided me through the legal and emotional process and helped to give me the confidence that I needed to secure the future for my daughter that I wanted. I can't say enough about Iwanyshin and Associates. They care about more than just the rules and the law, they care about their clients.


Deb, thank you so much for all of your recommendations and efforts in transitioning my daughter to living with me full time during the week. I would not have been able to accomplish my custody goals without your guidance. My daughter is now in a regular routine which will give her a great chance to be the best she can; you helped make this possible.


Deborah, Thank you for representing me. You were wonderful! Please use me as a recommendation for future clients.


Thank you so much for your willingness to take over my divorce after I was pretty much abandoned by another attorney. I appreciated the way you and J. B. walked me through the procedures and answered all of my questions. The most important thing, is that you worked within my financial limitations while still presenting me with the utmost professionalism.If I am ever asked to provide the name of a good family attorney, Deb Iwanyshyn will be at the top - and more than likely the ONLY name - on my list.Thank you for everything!


Deborah, I can't express my gratitude enough for alll you have done for me in getting my divorce final. Things haven't been easy but you were there to make sure it got done. Thanks Again for everything!!


Iwanyshyn & Associates provided me with expert, legal advice that was crucial to help me weave through the maze of a difficult divorce. I recommend them for all of your legal needs. Hope this helps with your future endeavors.


Attorney Deborah Luteran Iwanyshyn is superb to deal with family law issues such as divorce, custody and support. She is a CPA and a former certified business appraiser which makes her uniquely qualified to deal the someone's marital estate or closely held business. She is one of the best forensic accountant's I have seen.She has also had psychology and mediation training so she is very intuitive about what is going on during the course of a case. She is kind and caring. She knows how to get you to the therapists or doctors that you need as well as get you connected with people going through the same situation.

She can even help you get reconnected to the single life.She has gone through a bad divorce and custody trial herself and has insight that people who haven't been there can never have. She will help you heal your ego if it has been damaged and has even supported a client who reconciled right before trial. In her mind the kids are extremely important and she keeps them in mind throughout all the advice she gives you.I cannot more highly recommend a family law attorney than her.


I wholeheartedly recommend Iwanyshyn & Associates, and particularly Attorney Deborah (Deb), for family law matters. She, and her firm, provided excellent guidance, both professional and emotional, in addition to the legal representation. I did not want the divorce and Deb knew this. She offered solid support as I processed my feelings and the new realities of separation and divorce.She, and her associates, helped me understand the divorce process (all the steps), as well as providing experience in financial analysis and "what-if" scenarios. She patiently showed me the details so I could understand what assets and liabilities meant in the marital estate, including what was before marriage and after separation.

Her experience as a mediator (with me and in conjunction with my spouse) ensured we understood what things were important to consider, and what were not. Everything was emotional, yet she showed me how make decisions in as painless a manner as possible. It was difficult, yet I was able to work with my spouse to reach agreement, and to create a fair and equitable distribution. She was always a good listener, very gracious and courteous to everyone, and kept me strong. She did not hide her convictions, yet let me express mine as it was appropriate, especially where it came to the children, and all they went through.

Deb was forceful with me, when I really needed it, to make decisions and to push through the process.She advised me on other legal matters I would not have thought of (wills and living wills, estate planning), that allowed me to begin my new life with a fresh start and outlook.Thanks, Deb, for being devoted to fairness and my case.


With tears in my eyes I am writing to thank you for your exceptional representation for Chris.In the years leading up to this custody dispute, both Chris and I have been living with unbelievable stress, angst and worry. I must tell you how thankful I am that Chris found an attorney with as much experience, intelligence and couth that we could hope for. Thank you for constantly dealing with everything that comes your way regarding his case, and for handling it with professionalism and eloquence. You are an admirable woman and an inspiration for both of us. While I know you represent many, I need you to know how important it is that you are representing Chris.


Dear Ms. Iwanyshyn:Your first name should be "Hope." The fact that you listened to our story with warmth and compassion left an indelible mark on my soul. This isn't the kind of attention we're used to getting.My son and I will try to move forward by getting my son-in-law to agree to seeing you, along with us.Trying to get counseling for my two granddaughters will send my daughter into a new zone of hostility and worse, but accomplishing this is very important to me.My son and I saw you on June 11.Thank you for your generous spirit. We will call you as soon as we can find out what my son-in-law decides.


Deborah Iwanyshyn diligently represented me in a marriage dissolution case. She took on this case, 19 September 2013, and saw it through to its conclusion on 9 June 2015.The request for dissolution was first submitted to a different attorney (5 November 2012), however, that attorney did not see the case through, and I sought out Ms Iwanyshyn, who willingly accepted transfer of the case. A case that should have been straightforward became muddled and was continually stalled by the opposing party, who was lax in submitting requested documents and information, which caused the process to be repeatedly delayed.

However, Ms Iwanyshyn showed great fortitude and perseverance, remained in constant contact, and went above and beyond the call of duty.Ms Iwanyshyn's availability to discuss matters was outstanding, her response time was prompt, and her attentiveness was exceptional. In addition, the fees were reasonable.I reside in a different country, and Ms Iwanyshyn's ability to resolve this matter, without my ever having to set foot on US soil, was impressive and deeply appreciated.I would highly recommend Deborah Iwanyshyn to anyone needing representation - she excels at fair representation.


Just wanted to thank you for helping us get through such a difficult time in our lives. You helped us keep calm and to focus on what was most important - keeping our boys safe and with us. Know that we will always be forever grateful for your kindness. Barry always spoke highly of you, now we know why.